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Tyler Brookes Family Assist is here to assist people having to represent themselves through the Family Courts in relation to divorce, child contact proceedings and applications.

Tyler Brookes can assist you to:

  • Draft documents and correspondence;
  • Complete court forms and applications,
  • Draft pleadings and submissions:
  • Attend court with you.

Tyler Brookes will help you to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.  We are not here to milk your fionances, we are here to help you get results.

We do not believe in the adversarial approach, just solutions and help you to get the results you need as quickly as possible.


Tyler Brookes Family Assist aims to:

Support litigants in person (those not represented by a Solicitor);

Raise our clients' awareness of the law, the legal system and Courts service, in order to enable them to become more confident and independent;

Actively promote the use of mediation for clients;

Help limit the legal costs of litigants in person by providing low cost legal help and services;

Try to limit and circumvent the adversarial approach and attitude of Solicitors, for the benefit of our clients;

Support and advocate judicial separation instead of divorce, whereappropriate.